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ETF Donostia is a group that was founded as a “Davos of ETFs.” Its aim is to bring together a like-minded group of industry leaders, investor advocates and creative minds. We seek to work toward the common goal of growing and improving the ETF industry and improving outcomes for investors around the world.


Don't expect panel discussions or keynotes - we facilitate conversations that can spark new ideas. 

Though we will have a guiding set of themes and topics, all attendees engage in a way that drives discussions towards the most relevant topics for the group.


ETF Donostia 2023
* All timings subject to change


Through careful curation of participants and relationships deepened through a stimulating and open environment, we have built a community of participants that is greater than the sum of its parts, resulting in an event that is fun and fulfilling and relationships that are lasting and meaningful with results on business to match.

Dave Noel Fiona Laura Reggie Ron Steve Mike Nancy Bruno Ugo Meb Jon Holly Sharon Ben Joanna Dave Will Kevin Simon Blake Nic Todd Matt Jonty Sau Bryon Sebastien Jon Tom Dan Patrick Peter Hector Sebastian Laura Kelsey Dr Aitor Dave Conor Ken Adam Anita Will Bernardus (Nardus) Jim Stuart Steven Som Rahul Shana Ophelia Aye Tom Jack Alicia Aaron Mike Alex Jim Darek Deborah Natalie Linda
Dave Abner
Dabner Capital Partners
Noel Archard
Global Head of ETFs and Portfolio Solutions
Fiona Bassett
FTSE Russell
Laura Brady
Head of Client Solutions
Reggie Browne
Ron Bundy
Morningstar Indexes
Steve Cohen
Managing Director
Mike Crinieri
Goldman Sachs
Managing Director
Nancy Davis
Quadratic Capital Management
Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer.
Bruno del Ama
Ugo Egbunike
Jane Street
Fixed Income Specialist.
Meb Faber
Cambria Investment Management
Chief Investment Officer
Jon Fee
Holly Framsted
Capital Group
Head of Global Product Strategy & Development
Sharon French
Senior Partner
Ben Fulton
Elkhorn Consulting
Joanna Gallegos
Dave Garff
Accuvest Global Advisors
President and Chief Investment Officer
Will Goodwin
Kevin Gopaul
BMO Global Asset Management
Global Head of ETFs
Simon Goulet
Blue Tractor Group
Blake Grossman
ThirdStream Partners
Managing Partner
Nic Harcourt
Spark Network
Director of Musical Alchemy
Todd Hollander
Old Mission
Global Head of ETFs
Matt Hougan
Bitwise Asset Management
Chief Investment Officer
Jonty Hurwitz
Sau Kwan
E Fund Management Co., Ltd
Bryon Lake
JP Morgan
Bryon is Managing Director, Global Head of ETF Solutions.
Sebastien Lieblich
Managing Director - Global Head of Indexed Licensing, ESG and Climate Indexes & Head of EMEA Index Products
Jon Lukomnik
Spark Network
Investor and Autor
Tom Lydon
Vice Chairman.
Dan McCabe
Precidian Investment
Patrick McEntyre
National Bank Financial
Managing Director, Global Equity Derivatives
Peter McKillop
Climate & Capital Media
CEO and Founder
Hector McNeil
Co-CEO and Co-Founder.
Sebastian Mercado
Index and ETF Executive
Laura Morrison
Chief Revenue Officer
Kelsey Mowrey
Motley Fool Asset Management
Dr Aitor Muguruza
Kaiju ETF advisors
Head of Scientific Research and Data Analytics
Dave Nadig
Financial Futurist.
Conor O'haonghusa
Spark Network
Keeper of Contagious Passion
Ken O’Keeffe
Index Committee as Chair
Adam Phillips
Chief Operating Officer (ETFs)
Anita Rausch
SVP/ Global Head of ETF Capital Markets at AllianceBernstein
Will Rhind
Founder and CEO
Bernardus (Nardus) Roelofs
Head of ETF Institutional Sales & Trading
Jim Ross
Fusion Acquisition Corp II
Stuart Russell
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, UC-Berkeley
Steven Schoenfeld
MarketVector Indexes
Som Seif
Purpose Investments
Founder and CEO, Purpose Financial
Rahul Sen Sharma
President & Co-CEO
Shana Orczyk Sissel
Banríon Capital Management
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ophelia Snyder
Co-Founder and President
Aye Soe
Formerly S&P Dow Jones Indices
Former Head of Core and Multi-Asset Product Management
Tom Staudt
ARK Invest
Chief Operating Officer.
Jack Swift
Alicia Tebar
Spark Network
Ambassador of Art
Aaron Turner
One Thought
Mike Venuto
Tidal Financial Group
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer
Alex Vynokur
Founder, CEO
Jim Wiandt
Spark Network
Darek Wojnar
Northern Trust Asset Management
EVP, Head of Funds & Managed Accounts
Deborah Yang
Cofounder and CEO of Daizy
Natalie Zahradnik
Independent Consultant
Independent Consultant.
Linda Zhang
Purview Investments
CEO and Founder




ETF Donostia 2023

Sat, May 20 13:00 - 17:00

Kayaking on the Hudson

Kayaking on the Hudson.

Kingston, NY

We'll be kayaking from a spot near the Hutton Brickyards in Kingston (in a tributary of the Hudson River with beautiful views all around. Includes picnic lunch.

Hiking in the Catskills

Hike in the Catskills Mountains, with picnic.

Catskills Mountains

We'll be taking a vigorous guided hike in the nearby Catskills Mountains. This will include a picnic lunch.

Hudson House and Distillery

Tour of historical house and distillery including lunch and whiskey tasting.

West Park, NY

This will be a trip to the Hudson House and Distillery (just 20 minutes from Hutton Brickyards) for a tour of their historical Hudson-facing historical house and beautiful still. Includes a whiskey tasting and lunch.

Mindfulness Without the Practice

A deeper look at clarity of mind with Aaron Turner.

Woodstock, NY

The normal adult state of mind is not a naturally clear one and it could be. Aaron Turner’s work is focussed on the link between our clarity of mind, our problems and our results. This session is a chance to uncover the potential for a clearer state of mind in any situation without any extra time or effort and why this is an unrecognised key to better results and a deeper, more resilient, sense of well-being. In a beautiful spot and including a picnic lunch.

Hutton Brickyards activities

Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Horse Shoes, Archery, Ping Pong, Darts, Barrel Saunas and Spa.

Hutton Brickyards

Take your pick from a range of activities at Hutton Brickyards and we'll line them up.  Includes lunch and an array of activities to choose from.

Sun, May 21 13:00 - 17:00

Pasta making workshop w/ lunch.

Pasta making activity w/ lunch and pottery shop tour.

Kingston, NY

Pasta making activity w/ lunch and pottery shop tour.

Hudson Valley Hike

Guided Hudson River hike with picnic lunch.

Hudson Valley

This will be a vigorous guided hike with Hudson River views and it will include a picnic lunch.

Hudson Valley Kayaking

Hudson River kayaking trip with a picnic lunch.

Kingston, NY

Hudson Valley bliss from the water!  Enjoy a kayaking trip from out of a tributary of the Hudson near the Hutton Brickyards in Kingston.  Includes a picnic lunch.

Hutton Brickyards activities

Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Horse Shoes, Archery, Ping Pong, Darts, Barrel Saunas and Spa.

Hutton Brickyards

Take your pick from a range of activities at Hutton Brickyards and we'll line them up. You'll have  an array of activities to choose from including Cornhole, Bocce Ball, Horse Shoes, Archery, Ping Pong, Darts, Barrel Saunas and Spa. Includes lunch.

Plan Your Trip

Hotels nearby

Sessions will be held at


132 Lindsley Ave, Kingston, NY 12401


See details below for partner hotels nearby.



ETF Donostia 2023
Hutton Brickyards

Rooms at Hutton Brickyards can only be booked via Spark Network and will be allocated on a first come first served basis on receipt of your registration. Once we receive your registration we will share details of the 42 rooms available on our room block. This is going to be the event hub with all discussions taking place here together with many activities. The rooms are all well appointed and the property is spectacularly located right on the Hudson. Given that there are only 42 rooms available these will be taken up quickly. Rates are from $315-$665 plus tax.

Hutton Brickyards KINGSTON
Hutton Brickyards KINGSTON
Hotel Kinsley


Whereas we will allocate Hutton Brickyard rooms directly, you can book Hotel Kinsley (about 35 rooms are still available) and spread across 4 different buildings in downtown Kingston with very nice rooms and a hipster vibe. People may like the location which has a lot going on around it. It is also only a 10 minute bus ride from Hutton and we’ll service it with transport. Rates from $335-$469 plus tax. (We get a 10% discount using the code). 

Use ETF Donostia Group Code:  ETFDONOSTIA2023

Hotel Kinsley KINGSTON
Hotel Kinsley KINGSTON
Courtyard Marriott

This is what you would expect and has about 150 rooms which should cover our overflow. Hampton Inn and other chain hotels are nearby and we will service the area with transport as well. Rates currently $215 and up plus tax.

Courtyard Marriott KINGSTON
Courtyard Marriott KINGSTON
Hampton Inn

Another 150 rooms here and this looks like it may be the best of the chain hotels, which are just 5 min transport to downtown Kingston and less than 15 minutes to Hutton Brickyards. Rates currently $213 and up plus tax.

Hampton Inn KINGSTON
Hampton Inn KINGSTON

Sessions will be held at


132 Lindsley Ave, Kingston, NY 12401


See details below for partner hotels nearby.



Getting There

Train - To Hudson Valley
  • Train: Amtrak - Penn Station (NYP) to Rhinecliff. Thursday 5/18
    Such a great way to get to Kingston. Looking left out the train there are spectacular views of the Hudson River all the way up. Take Amtrak from Penn Station to Rhinecliff ($23 and up one way) which is just 15-20 minutes from Kingston and Hutton Brickyards.

    We will be servicing the following Amtrak trains with shuttles to the various hotels:

    1:20-2:58 (this option to arrive in time to settle in for the cruise)
    2:19-3:58 (this option to arrive in time to settle in for the cruise)
    3:15-4:56 (most likely straight to the Rip Van Winkle with check in after dinner)
    4:40-6:15 (miss the Rip Van Winkle, join the group for dinner & check in after dinner)
    5:47-7:36 (only for late arrivals to dinner)

    Alternative Train: Metro North - Grand Central to Poughkeepsie
    Alternatively you can take the Metro North train to Poughkeepsie ($19.25 one way) less than 30 min from Hutton Brickyards. It's a bit slower, less comfortable and we won't be providing shuttles from Poughkeepsie, but it mainly does travel down the same Hudson-fronting tracks as the more comfortable Amtrak trains.

    We suggest that you book the train in advance (now is still good timing) as the Amtrak service can fill up and you don't want to miss the spectacular riverside seats.

Train - Return to New York
  • Departing Rhinebeck by Amtrak Train Sunday 5/21
    For those of you departing after sessions on Sunday 5/21 and travelling by train,we will be providing shuttles to the following Amtrak trains departing Rhinecliff to Penn Station as follows:

    For those of you staying on for activities on Sunday 5/21 and travelling by train, we will be providing shuttles to the following Amtrak trains departing Rhinecliff to Penn Station as follows:

  • Flying into JFK

    Probably the easiest as you can just take the LIRR / Long Island Rail Road to:
    - Grand Central and take Metro North from there to Poughkeepsie
    - Penn Station and then take Amtrak to Rhinecliff.

    Flying into Newark

    Also an easy train trip to Penn Station and change there for the Amtrak to Rhinecliff.

    Flying into La Guardia

    You are probably best taking a taxi to either Grand Central or Penn Station for the train.

    Other options: Albany or Stewart International airports are an hour, and 45 minutes away respectively, by rental car if you have a good connection to either.

Timing Your Arrival
  • Opening Festivities and Arriving in Rhinebeck Thursday 5/18
    - 4 p.m.onwards: registration and hotel check-in opens the early arrivals
    - 5 p.m. Access to Hudson River Maritime Museum for anyone who wishes to visit
    - 6 to 8 p.m. Rip Van Winkle II River Cruise (boat sails at 6:30 p.m.)
    - 8 to 10 p.m. Opening Dinner at Ole Savannah

    Aim to travel on the 1:20-2:58 or 2:19-3:58 Amtrak from Penn Station to Rhineback to arrive in time to settle in for the cruise. Anyone traveling on later trains will go straight to the cruise or dinner with check in after dinner.

Spark Shuttle
  • Spark Shuttle
    We will coordinate transport from hotels to the venue throughout your stay. Just so you are aware, taxis and Uber are sporadic in both Kingston and Rhinebeck. A number of you are braving the traffic and driving up - if you are driving, ditch the car during the festivities at Hutton Brickyards or your hotel (there's plenty of parking) and get around safely with the shuttles. You can find details for the venue and various hotels here.

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